This Is Rising High – A chillout mix vol. 1-3

Ambient trance, ambient techno, ethno ambient, psychill, psyambient, environmental, ambient dub

featured artists:
Pete Namlook, Mixmaster Morris, Bedouin Ascent, Syzygy, James Bernard, Neutron 9000, New London School of Electronics, MLO & more.

mix lengths:
79 minutes, 79 minutes, 72 minutes

release date:
Compiled & mixed by Mike G at Rubycon Sound, August-September 2013

Volume 1

 mp3 tracklist

Volume 2

 mp3 tracklist

Volume 3

 mp3 tracklist

"It's time to lie down and be counted," declared DJ, composer and Rising High Records artist Mixmaster Morris. Rising High was a mad, wondrous, pioneering indie label that helped define a glorious wave of electronic dance music in the UK up to the mid 1990’s. It was also one of the first dance labels to embrace the newly christened "chillout" - a soothing counterpoint to the excesses of the dance floor.

In memory of label founder Casper Pound (1971-2004), This Is Rising High is my 3-volume mix series celebrating the glorious diversity and psychedelic wonders of new-school ambient in its wide-eyed, optimistic youth. The 3 mixes draw from Rising High albums, singles and E.P.s and include many tracks not featured on any the five compilation albums of the excellent Chill Out Or Die series.

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