Cosmic Lounging vol. 1-3

Exotic dub, ambient trance, psyambient, ambient breaks, ambient techno, beats

featured artists:
The Orb, Sounds From The Ground, Ott, Garbiel Le Mar, Kaya Project, LSG, Young American Primitive, Solar Fields, Ishq & more.

mix length:
72 minutes, 74 minutes

release dates:
Compiled & mixed at Rubycon Sound, 2005 and 2011

Volume 1

 mp3 tracklist

Volume 2

 mp3 tracklist

Volume 3

 mp3 tracklist

Cosmic Lounging volumes 1-3 are not my Cosmic Lounge radio show, but some standalone mixes with a similar emphasis, i.e. melodic ambience and chillout with defined beats and rhythms.

  • Volume 1 - Shimmering drones and pulses segue into a rhythmic and lush downtempo mix of psychedelic chill, lounge and exotic dub. Includes tracks by Galaxy, Oliver Lieb, Deep Dive Corp, Entheogenic and Sounds From The Ground.
  • Volume 2 - Deeply rhythmic, tuneful and trippy goodness from the wide-ranging world of downtempo psy-chill. Includes tracks by Gabriel Le Mar, Zen Mechanics, Hallucinogen & Ott, The Orb, Aural Planet and X.I.S.
  • Volume 3 - A rhythmic mix of spacey swirls, Balearic bliss, panoramic slowtrance and epic breakbeat. Tracks including Ishq, Solar Fields, Natural Frequencies, Asura, LSG, Velvet Girl and Tom Middleton

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