Interviews & Features

A collection of some of the more in-depth interviews and features I've done from 2013 onward, plus some recently recovered ones I did in the 90's for Ambience Magazine. Most of my radio and other magazine interviews (1997-2012) are now lost to time, but quotes from them are still sprinkled throughout the Essential Albums & Artists section.

Emerald Web’s ‘Valley Of The Birds’: A new age classic returns

by Mike G, June 2020.

Behold, the long-awaited digital and vinyl debut of American duo Emerald Web’s new age classic Valley Of The Birds (1981), previously a cassette-only release almost lost in the mists of time. I spoke at length with band co-founder Kat Epple about her career, the album and the uniquely American musical era that birthed it. Read more...

Strange Emissions: Q&A with em:t label founder David Thompson

by Mike G for Ambience Magazine, 1996. Republished 2020.

Meet maverick UK record label Emit (spelt em:t if you’re a purist) – purveyor of strange and wonderful ambient wonders, and the subject of much salivating from the dance and electronic music press. I spoke with label co-founder David Thompson to find out more. Read more...

Happy/Sad: Drew Sullivan and his Slow Dancing Society

by Mike G, March 2020

Drew Sullivan aka Slow Dancing Society has released more than a dozen albums, plying his emotional “sad music for happy souls” in the spaces between ambient drone, avant-noise, dreampop and wordless post-rock songs. Read more...

West Coast Cosmic: Stephen Hill from Hearts Of Space Records

by Mike G for Ambience Magazine, 1996. Republished 2020.

Radio broadcaster, sound engineer and now record label supremo Stephen Hill has achieved the kind of success that would make him the envy of many a brave soul running an independent record company. Read more...

21st century classical: An interview with Moderna Records

by Mike G, November 2019

The Montreal-based Moderna Records is tracing a line from electronic sound designers to classical composers, connecting them through the realms of ambient and cinematic music. I spoke with founder/manager Évolène Lüthi and label co-manager Nick Hyatt. Read more...

Mind Colours: The story of Beaumont Hannant

by Mike G, May 2019

90's British DJ-composer-producer Beaumont Hannant was many things: a prolific and innovative figure in ambient techno; an adventurer in trip hop, hip hop, ambient pop, electro, alt rock and underground house. Then came a sudden and puzzling retirement. 20 years on, it’s time to rediscover his largely forgotten body of work via fresh interviews with collaborators, friends and journalists. Read more...

The Land Of Nod: An interview with Tom Middleton

by Mike G, April 2018

Super versatile DJ, composer, producer and now sleep science coach Tom Middleton is on a mission to help you sleep better, and he’s made an album designed to do just that. Ambient Music Guide spoke with the bearded one about his new adventure in sound. Read more...


Riding the Detroit Escalator: An Interview with Neil Ollivierra

by Mike G, November 2013

The Detroit-born Neil Ollivierra is best known for a string of remarkable electronic albums and EPs he released under the name of The Detroit Escalator Co between 1996 and 2006. Fast forward to late 2013 when I found him alive and well, happy to grant a remarkably in-depth and wide-ranging interview. Read more...


30 Years of Structures from Silence - An Interview with Steve Roach

by Mike G, March 2014

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of American composer Steve Roach's sublime meditative album Structures From Silence. I talked with him about its creation, and asked aficionados Stephen Hill, George Cruickshank, John Diliberto and Mark Prendergast for their thoughts on this ambient classic. Read more...


Painting the Invisible Landscape – An Interview with Ishq

by Mike G, June 2014

For trippy ambient of the most subtle kind, Ishq sets the bar very high. Composer-producer Matt Hillier and sometimes-vocalist Jacqueline Kersley create psychedelic sounds of gentle awe and wonder, evoking both their Cornwall home and the invisible landscapes beyond. The duo talks about 15-plus years of lucid music making. Read more...


The Luminous, The Dark – An Interview with Tim Story

by Mike G, January 2015

With a rich catalogue reaching back to the early 1980's, American synthesist, pianist and composer Tim Story remains a highly distinctive voice in American ambient and modern classical. In this in-depth interview he talks about his career, the art of light & shade and his love of collaboration. Read more...


20 Years of Phat - An Interview with Sounds From The Ground

by Mike G, April 2014

Nick Woolfson and Elliot Morgan Jones are UK ambient dub act Sounds From The Ground. Formed in 1994 and enduring well beyond ambient dance music's first big wave, they talk to Ambient Music Guide about their 20 years together spent deep in the groove. Read more...


Getting Into Deep - An Interview with Oliver Lieb

by Mike G, June 2013

A composer, producer and DJ since the early 90's, Oliver Lieb's innovations and wide-ranging body of work have made him one of the greats of the electronic dance age. What's less well-known is his stellar ambient and downtempo music. Read more..