Best Albums of 2020: Steve Roach ‘Tomorrow’

Tomorrow (Behind The Sky/Projekt)

Fans of e-music pioneer Steve Roach’s more energetic electronica like the excellent Skeleton Keys (2015) and Spiral Revelation (2017) will find plenty to love on Tomorrow. The difference is that, with just a few clever tweaks, he’s subtly re-angled the propulsive sequenced sounds of his analog modular synths from spacey cosmic mandalas to shiny futurist ones. There’s an optimistic lilt to the melodies, creating a less ambivalent mood than the shadow zone he normally plays in. And the lineage from Steve’s sequencer driven work back to classical minimalist composers like Philip Glass seems clearer than ever on the title track and “Optimal Being”, two glittering 20 minute-plus pieces. That is, the idea that repetition is king, so that over time subtle changes have dramatic impact, pulling you deeper into the hypnotic swirl.

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