Best Albums of 2020: Slow Dancing Society ‘The Disappearing Collective Vol. 1’

The Disappearing Collective Vol. 1 (Past Inside The Present)

On The Disappearing Collective Vol. 1 the American composer Drew Sullivan aka Slow Dancing Society moves away from his signature post-rock miniatures in favour of haunting, suspended drones with occasional fragments of piano. The results are frequently sublime. Fans will understand it’s a natural detour for SDS anyway, as the weightless element has always been there in the past, even when guitars and/or drum loops were dominant. The complex textures carried by a sustained minor chord on “A Past Time Intimate Friend” sound like mid 70’s Pink Floyd fed through lo-fi filters. “Blume” is a gorgeous passage of expansive cinematic strings. And the emotional undertow and melancholy so integral to his music is still intact: “What We Knew As Children” is just how the title sounds, achingly sad and loving. The Disappearing Collective is one of many releases from SDS in 2020, probably his most productive year since his recorded debut 15 years ago.

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