Best Albums of 2020: Seb Taylor

Remixed: Body​ Mind​ ​Soul Part 1 (Bandcamp)
Organic Technology (Bandcamp)

It’s a rare year when British multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer Seb Taylor doesn’t release something good under one or more of the various aliases he’s been using since the mid 90’s.

The polished, tuneful pan-global downtempo of his Kaya Project alias continued in 2020 with a new album Mind Body Soul. I found it a bit underwhelming, actually, but it clearly has good bones because the subsequent remix album Remixed: Body​ Mind​ ​Soul Part 1 is a pearler. His collaborators give good love here and everything works. Bristol-based Globular boosts the sweet Indian-style vocals of “Souls Entwined” with a dubby thunder worthy of genre luminaries like Ott. The Nasha Experience collective shows there’s still life in trippy drum ‘n’ bass. Best of all, French producer Suduaya pulls off a real stunner with his fusion of slow big-beat, tribal syncopations and euphoric synths on his rework of “Beware The Drunken Master”.

Meanwhile, Seb’s leftfield electronica project Hibernation makes a welcome return on the excellent Organic Technology, the first album in eight years. Few artists navigate the leftfield space with such a solid musical foundation; in the Hibernation universe experimental downtempo is accessible, groovy and gently psychedelic; something to be actually enjoyed than respectfully endured. The new album’s atmospheric grooves sit somewhere on the lounge, trip hop or progressive house tips, but fused with 100’s of unpredictable fragments of jazz, techno, electro, rock, Arabic and Indian music.

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