Best Albums of 2020: Saphileaum

Samosi (Constellation Tatsu)
Imaginary Treasure Mountain (Nyame)

Samosi a magnificent work of tuneful, luminous, beatless ambient by Georgian composer Andro Gogibedashvili aka Saphileaum. Among seven excellent tracks, the weirdly-titled “Glorified Wiseman In Pantherskin” stands out: a devastatingly sad and beautiful harmonic progression wrapped in misty synthetic bliss. At its considerable best, comparisons between this album and the best of Micheal Stearns’ super-deep and emotional spacemusic are in order. The equally excellent Imaginary Treasure Mountain is kind of the tribal flipside of Samosi. The album has the same kinds of trippy synth pads but this time buoyed by a series of slow and steady polyrhythms.

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