Best Albums of 2020: Sam Rosenthal & Projekt Artists ‘Tim, Where Are You Now?’

Tim, Where Are You Now? (Projekt)

This year marked the centenary of the birth of LSD and DMT guru Timothy Leary (1920-1996). This tribute album celebrates his chemically-fueled flights into expanded consciousness and it’s a multi-coloured wonder, focused on spacey electronic music-of-the-spheres with Eastern drone influences and retro sounds like the Moog and Mellotron. Sam Rosenthal’s long-running alt music label Projekt Records certainly has all the connections to make a tribute like this work; old-school ambient artists like Steve Roach, Erik Wollo, Mark Seelig and Forrest Fang all make contributions alongside Sam himself. There are also guests like film director Alex Cox and Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo who can be heard reading short Leary-penned accounts of memorable trips. This is my kind of Leary tribute; not raucous noise bands or crashing Krautrock but a proper ambient trip, contemplative and deep.

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