Best Albums of 2020: Robert Rich ‘Offering To The Morning Fog’

Offering to the Morning Fog (Soundscape Productions)

Ambient master Robert Rich, one of the pioneers of the original West Coast ambient scene in the 80’s and 90’s, is now in his fifth decade of recording and releasing music. One of his sonic signatures is an extraordinary liquid quality, and that’s found in abundance on Offering to the Morning Fog, an album I’d place in the ‘beatless tonal’ section of his diverse catalogue. It’s a seamless six-part suite full of cloudy, suspended electronic chords and warm PVC flute melodies that snake around the ether, a sonic bath with a powerful mystical undertow. All up, a worthy companion to early classics like Fissures (1997) and Seven Veils (1998) which offer similarly sensual and gently trippy pleasures.

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