Best Albums of 2020: Endless Melancholy ‘A Perception of Everything’

A Perception of Everything (Sound In Silence)

This collection of grand, hazy, lo-fi tone poems from Ukrainian composer Endless Melancholy feels like a summation of his quest in the past decade to translate beautiful sadness into wordless sound. His personal style is already well-established – bittersweet melodies from samples and synths dipped in a warm sonic bath, with some elements degraded by dropouts, hiss, static or detuning while other layers are left untouched. It’s a subgenre of sorts, binding a loose school of 21st century ambient artists like Bvdub, Halftribe and dozens of others. What elevates A Perception of Everything above his previous efforts is the tunes, for they are weepingly lovely. “Letting The Old Dreams Die”, “Immersion”, “Across The Barren Land”, “As The World Quietly Ends”…some of these harmonic progressions will surely break you, but gently so.

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