Best Albums of 2020: Digitonal ‘Set The Weather Fair’

Set The Weather Fair (Just Music)

British multi-instrumentalist, synthesist and early music scholar Andrew Dobson makes a welcome return with this 4th album from his downtempo project Digitonal, this time collaborating with dance producer Dom Graveson. Spanning 50 minutes and 9 instrumentals, Set The Weather Fair is melodic, contemplative and lyrical and once again finds Digitonal deftly straddling the worlds of atmospheric modern classical, ambient dance music and jazzy improv. Light machine beats and textures weave through and around beds of violins, muted piano and the sweet tones of Andrew’s trademark clarinet lines. Along the way you’ll also hear sly nods to a diverse range of masters like 80’s Tangerine Dream, early Warp Records bleep and Philip Glass’ Koyaanisqatsi score. Truly eclectic and entirely cohesive.

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