Best Albums of 2020: Daniel Szlajnda ‘Komorebi’

Komorebi (U Know Me Records)

From Poland-based dance and electronica label U Know Me Records comes this striking piece of beautiful bleep by local talent Daniel Szlajnda. Previously known under his Daniel Drumz alias for his quirky takes on club music – house, hop hop and nu jazz – his new album Komorebi is much more atmospheric and, despite its intensity and energy at times, completely drumless. Like a kid with a new box of toys, he takes a self-built analog modular synthesiser and plays around, conjuring euphoric, hypnotic tunes that are strong in melody and a little raw at the edges. Looping marimba melodies also play a big part on three tracks, while the spectral violins on another take it into modern classical territory. Both fun and moving.

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