A-Z Essential Albums & Artists

Welcome to the main section of Ambient Music Guide.

In this A-Z Essential Albums & Artists section you'll find my reviews of an ever-growing selection of what I consider some of the best album and e.p. releases in various ambient and downtempo sub-genres since the early 1960's.

Note that this guide is not, and never will be, comprehensive.

Instead, it concentrates on a more selective but wide range of releases and artists that I think are fantastic and worthy of discovery. There are few complete discographies, except on rare occasions where every release by an artist, series or label is in my opinion a great one.

Points are further illustrated with quotes from interviews done over the years by both myself and other sources.

  • The release year given after each album or e.p. title usually refers to the year of that recording's original release, regardless of the format (cassette, LP, CD, digital download) on which it first appeared.
  • The record label/s listed after each album usually includes the most recently known release/re-release of that album or e.p.

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