Tranquility Drones series mixed by Mike G

The Tranquility Drones mix series showcases harmonic drones and dreamy progressions, new music for inner space.

Tranquility Drones volume 1


New ambient music by Banco de Gaia, David Parsons, Sync24, Pool of Light, Biome, Astral Harmonies, Less Bells and Kenji Kihara. Compiled and mixed by Mike G at Rubycon Sound, September 2018.



start time/title/artist/album/label

00:00  Inner Light by Kenji Kihara | Scenes of Scapes (Inner Islands)
05:32  Winter Solstice (edit) by Pool of Light | View (Pantheon)
18:07  Shores of Temenos (bamboo windsong mix, edit) by Biome | Shores of Temenos (Harmonic Resonance)
25:37  Offerings 4 by David Parsons | Puja (Gterma)
34:17  Pavlov's Children by Banco de Gaia | Strange Eyed Constellations 2 (Disco Gecko)
38:20  The Gills by Less Bells | Solifuge (Kranky)
46:00  No Time by Astral Harmonies | Peach Blossom Spring (Moonswing)
50:46  That Boring Autumn Day by Sync24 | Ominous (Leftfield Records)
55:18  Impermanence 1 by Astral Harmonies | Peach Blossom Spring (Moonswing)
1:01:45  Impermanence 2 by Astral Harmonies | Peach Blossom Spring (Moonswing)
1:08:28  end


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