This Is Pete Namlook vol. 1-3

Ambient trance, ambient techno, nu lounge, ethno ambient, nu jazz, environmental, ambient dub

featured artists:
Pete Namlook, Klaus Schulze, Richie Hawtin, Mixmaster Morris, Spyra, Gaudi, Geir Jennson aka Biosphere, Dr. Atmo, Tetsu Inoue, Gabriel Le Mar

mix lengths:
96 minutes, 102 minutes, 85 minutes

release date:
Compiled & mixed by Mike G at Rubycon Sound, March-April 2014

Volume 1

 mp3 tracklist

Volume 2

 mp3 tracklist

Volume 3

 mp3 tracklist

A series of mixes remembering the sonic wonders of the late Pete Namlook (1960-2012).

I'm not going to try and cover all bases or do best-of collections; these are simply tracks from Namlook's solo and collaborative albums that are special to me.

Dutch-born but based for most of his life in Germany, this extremely prolific Namlook was one of the high priests of new-school ambient, i.e. ambient techno, trance, lounge and numerous other downtempo spinoffs of dance music. He was also an accomplished jazz and rock guitarist.

In its 20 year history his record label Fax released some of definitive chillout albums of the age. Namlook stands alongside a handful of other names such as The Orb, Biosphere and Mixmaster Morris as one of the originators of ambient's resurgence via dance music, beginning in the late 80's/early 90's.

Thanks for the magic, Pete. Your gifts live on.

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