New Ambient 2016 mix series

New Ambient 2016 is an ongoing mix series across the year, spotlighting choice tracks from recently released albums and EP's including re-releases of older titles.

Ambient, chillout, spacemusic, trip-hop, downtempo breaks, environmental, psyambient, neoclassical, post-rock, instrumental folk, ambient techno/trance, new age, ambient dub and more.

Volume 1: Infinite Meadow

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Pastoral ambience and hyperreal impressionism from recent releases by Inner Travels, Hybrid Palms, Robert Rich, Sinepearl, Jim Ottaway, Erik Wøllo, Byron Metcalf, Slow World, Miyake and Omni vu Deity (Ishq).

Volume 2: Sunshine Grooves

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Downtempo beats that glow - kick back with these luscious grooves from recent albums by Cafe Del Mar, Dub Trees, Pan Electric, Future Jazz Cafe, Lemongrass, Flako and Fous De La Mar.

Volume 3: Deep Space Tech

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Melodic, spaced-out strains of ambient techno, trance and tech-dub from recent albums and ep's by Prins Thomas, Aythar, One Arc Degree, Steve Roach, Robert Heel, Autumn of Communion, HiKE and Oudion13.

Volume 4: Sweet Stoned Groove

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Freshly skinned trip-hop, stoner beats and lazy breaks. If you like the sounds of classic Bonobo, John Kennedy, Quantic and DJ Shadow then this is your flavour of chill.

Volume 5: Veil Of  Drones

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Exquisite drones, droney melodies and soft-focus harmonies by Numina, Stratosphere, Off Land, Peter Ball & Kerry Norman, William Bowden, Porya Hatami & Lee Anthony Norris, Motionfield and more.

Volume 6: Ambient Australis

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Ambient landscapes, drone, spacemusic, cinematic sounds, modern classical and more. Cuts from new and reissued albums by Australian artists.

Volume 7: Dark Melodie

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Dive in for dark tunes and haunting harmonies - a seductive brew of synthwave, ambient techno, cinematic moments and environmental ambient. Features Steve Roach, Woob, Mark Pritchard, HiKE, Peter Miller, Autumn of Communion and more.

Volume 8: Not Quite Classical

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Modern classical and eclectic classical-influenced music from recent album or e.p. releases by Marconi Union, Banco De Gaia, Tambour, Burkhard Von Dallwitz, Ed Carlsen and more.

Volume 9: Ambient Dance Redux

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Deep Forest, Banco De Gaia, Massive Attack and Cafe Del Mar - all pioneers of 90's chillout music - have all released some outstanding new music in 2016. Hear them in this mix alongside quality cuts from the Lemongrass and Cyan labels.

Volume 10: Post-Rock Whatever

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Atmospheric instrumentals from new albums and ep's by Marconi Union, Helios, Irresistible Force, Slow Dancing Society, Ben Lukas Boysen, Rezo Glonti (Dronarivm), Blue Blue Youth and Olivia Summer.

Volume 11: Nu Age Psychedelik

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The best new age music is - and always was - a reverberation of psychedelic ambient music, rooted in sources including late 60's Pink Floyd, minimalist composers like Terry Riley, and ancient third-world folk musics. This mix collects new gems from artists working both within and in between these genres. Many are making music in the spirit of the earliest American new age music, before commercialism and relaxation muzak took it far from its roots.

Volume 12: Krautrockish

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Thanks to the TV soundtrack for 80's retro horror show Stranger Things, a whole lot of people are discovering or rediscovering classic Tangerine Dream and the whole Berlin-school sound, the great kosmische musik. The shock of the old and the joy of the new: this mix features sounds from new albums by some of the masters mixed with the cosmic pulse of their descendants. Music by Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling (Loom), Paul Haslinger, Hans Joachim Roedelius (Qluster), Survive, Woob, Steve Roach, Circles, Ascendant and Sequential Dreams.

Volume 13: More Deep Space Tech

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More melodic, spaced-out strains of ambient techno, trance and tech-dub. This time it's from recent albums and ep's by Jeff Mills, Ishq, Ascendant, Synphaera Records (Starseed compilaton), Hiroshi Watanabe (Transmat), Pitch Black, Legiac, Lingua Lustra and Rezo Glonti.

Volume 14: Up There

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Music from a higher place - up there and from within. Hear sounds from recently released albums by Banco De Gaia, Lingua Lustra, Natural Life Essence, Kloob, Ishq, Autumn of Communion, Zenith and Simon Wilkinson.

Volume 15: Mystic Drones

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Deep soundings from forests, galaxies and the inner landscapes within. Features new music by Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Robert Logan, Ishq, Kloob, Omni Vu Deity, Lingua Lustra and Natural Life Essence.

Volume 16: Guitars

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New guitar-based ambient tunes of wonder, mystery, light and darkness - natural and filtered, acoustic and electric, sometimes with no easily recognisable guitar sounds at all.

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