Guest mix: Rainshine by low light mixes

Ambient, environmental, cinematic, impressionist, sound collage, experimental

featured artists:
John Luther Adams, Cyber Zen Sound Engine, Matt Borghi, Rist, Ruben Gracia, Steve Roach & more.

mix length:
58 minutes

release date:
Compiled & mixed by low light mixes for Ambient Music Guide, July 2016

 Podcast-Icon-60x60 tracklist

Rainshine is another exclusive mix for Ambient Music Guide by low light mixes.

low light mixes is Dave Michuda of Wisconsin, USA. Dave has fascinating taste in downtempo and ambient sounds - including loads of artists I've never heard before - and has an uncanny knack for creating highly evocative mix titles.

As with last time (June 2015), we gave each other a themed title as a challenge to create a mix around. I gave him the mix title Rainshine.

He writes:

This mix is pretty self-explanatory based on the track titles. The first half is all rain songs and the second half transitions to sunlight. I added some rain field recordings to a few of the songs but most of them already had rain sound fx in the original track.


00:00  John Luther Adams - In the rain
03:40  Christian Wallumrod, Arve Henriksen, Jan Bang, Erik Honor - Birth Wish
05:55  Cyber Zen Sound Engine & Matt Borghi - Endless Rain
09:00  Segue - Rain Drone
11:15  Being - Quiet Rain
18:09  Rist - Rain
20:15  Part Timer - Rain on my window(pt 2)
22:44  Ruben Garcia - Rainy Day
29:30  Robert Davies & Blake Gibson - Sunshowers
33:40  Goldmund - Getting Lighter
36:15  Porya Hatami - After the rain
44:35  Valgeir Sigurdsson - equilibrium is restored
49:50  Christina Vantzou - Little Darlin Seize the Sun
51:10  Steve Roach - Consumed by Sunlight
58:16  end

My contribution for low light mixes is called The Color Of Space - you'll find it at the low light mixes blog.

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