Guest mix: Ghosts Of The Future by low light mixes

Ambient, environmental, spacemusic, low-fi, cinematic, orchestral

featured artists:
Shuttle358, Kraftwerk, Chris Dooks, Bon Iver, Hans Zimmer, Adlib, Steve Roach, Vangelis, Cliff Martinez & more.

mix length:
55 minutes

release date:
Compiled & mixed by low light mixes for Ambient Music Guide, June 2015

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Ghosts of The Future is an exclusive mix for Ambient Music Guide by low light mixes

low light mixes is a fantastic blog run by Dave Michuda of Wisconsin, USA. Dave has fascinating taste in downtempo and ambient sounds - including loads of artists I've never heard before - and has an uncanny knack for creating highly evocative mix titles.

I approached Dave with the idea of each of us doing a guest mix for each other. I thought it would be fun if we gave each other a themed title to create a mix around. I gave him the title Ghosts Of The Future and this stellar mix is his contribution.

He writes:

For a mix called Ghosts of the Future I immediately thought of the film, Interstellar. With its time dilation and communication from Murph's "ghost," the soundtrack was the perfect launch point for this mix. I also thought of voices as ghosts and worked in some spoken word excerpts here & there, as well as using tracks that had voices or vocoder. Overall I hope the mix conveys a strange, otherworldly feel to it.

My contribution for low light mixes is called Lapse Into Reverie - you can listen to it here.

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