Environments: new worlds to quietly blow your mind mixed by Mike G

Environments showcases evocative new music - a mix series about the psychoacoustic spaces and places that ambient builds in the world between our ears.

Enjoy the trip.

Environments volume 1


New music by Brian Eno, EugeneKha, Halftribe, Corrado Saija, Dave Summer, Lofield, Tapes & Topographies, Lesa Listvy and Stereo Hypnosis. Compiled and mixed by Mike G at Rubycon Sound, July-August 2018.



start time/title/artist/album/label

00:00 August (edit) by EugeneKha | Three Months (Pantheon)
15:02 Balm by Halftribe | For Summer Or Forever (Dronarivm)
18:24 Kazakhstan (edit) by Brian Eno | Music for Installations (Opal)
24:26 Island People (edit) by Corrado Saija | Txalaparta (Lemongrass)
30:44 Bees and Balloons by Dave Summer | Flat Issue (I Low You Records)
33:38 Lost in a Good Book by Lofield | Slow Cycles ep (Bandcamp)
38:12 Rainbirds by Tapes & Topographies | Opiates (Simulacra)
43:38 Sunny Side by Lesa Listvy | Way Home (Cryo Chamber)
47:16 Evening by the Lake by Lesa Listvy | Way Home (Cryo Chamber)
52:05 I Dormienti (edit) by Brian Eno | Music for Installations (Opal)
1:03:22 Waiting Waves by Stereo Hypnosis | Zero Gravity (Interchill)
1:09:26 - end


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