Deep Spirit – New Ambient 2018 vol. 4 mixed by Mike G

Psyambient, drone, environmental, post-rock, new age

featured artists:
Tom Middleton, bvdub, Ishq, Sinepearl, Halftribe, The Heart Is Awake, Inner Travels, BLNDR, Ben Rath, Silent Vigils

mix length:
68 minutes

release date:
Compiled & mixed by Mike G at Rubycon Sound, June 2018


New Ambient 2018 is an ongoing mix series across the year, spotlighting choice tracks from recently released albums and EP's including re-releases of older titles.

Ambient, chillout, spacemusic, trip-hop, downtempo breaks, environmental, psyambient, neoclassical, post-rock, instrumental folk, ambient techno/trance, new age, ambient dub and more.


Profound music from deep places. New music from The Heart Is Awake (Six Degrees Records), Tom Middleton, bvdub (Dronarivm), Ishq, Sinepearl (Interchill), Halftribe, Inner Travels (Sounds of the Dawn), BLNDR (Hpynus Records), Ben Rath (Sound in Silence) and Silent Vigils (new duo of James Murray & Stijn Hüwels).


start time/title/artist/album/label

00:00  He by The Heart Is Awake | Ecosphere (Six Degrees)
06:06  Ph by The Heart Is Awake | Ecosphere (Six Degrees)
10:38  Intertwined by Sinepearl | Zero Gravity (Interchill)
15:02  Molenbrook by Silent Vigils | Fieldem (Slowcraft)
22:02  The Castle in the Sky by BLNDR | l'Observatoire (Hypnus)
25:52  Sakura by Ishq | Zero Gravity (Interchill)
35:26  The Simple Things by Halftribe | For The Summer or Forever (Dronarivm)
39:42  Flightless Flowers (edit) by bvdub | A Different Definition of Love (Dronarivm)
48:56  Gateway by Inner Travels | Yonder (Sounds of the Dawn)
58:04  It Was Always Inside by Ben Rath | Anything Is Possible (Sound In Silence)
1:00:09  Awakening by Tom Middleton | Sleep Better (UMC)
1:08:25 - end

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