Deep Diving vol. 1-3

Deep ambient, drone, spacemusic, new age, ethno-ambient, environmental

featured artists:
Tim Story, Ishq, Mychael Danna, Alpha Wave Movement, Namlook, Steve Roach, Popol Vuh, Harold Budd, Michael Stearns, Deuter & more.

mix length:
76 minutes, 79 minutes, 78 minutes

release dates:
Compiled & mixed at Rubycon Sound, 2005, 2006 and 2011

Volume 1

 mp3 tracklist

Volume 2


Volume 3

 mp3 tracklist

The Deep Diving series showcases deep, tonal, lush and mostly beatless tunes, mostly from artists making ambient in the old-school vein (ie. ambience that's not techno/dance music-related).

  • Volume 1 - One of my most positively received mixes - a deep, lush ambient journey as originally heard on DI.FM's Ambient Channel. Includes Tim Story, Mychael Danna, Alpha Wave Movement, Pete Namlook & Dr Atmo, Harold Budd and Michael Stearns.
  • Volume 2 - The 2nd volume in this series is once again deep, rich and mostly beatless. I'm chuffed with how this one has turned out. Includes Cell, Tim Story, Robert Rich, Bruno Sanfillipo, Aeoliah and Michael Stearns among others.
  • Volume 3 - Another mostly beatless mix of mostly old-school ambient and sacred trance music including Popol Vuh, Steve Roach, Deuter, Ishq and Natural Frequencies. Melodic, meditative and dark-edged.

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