Chillsong vol. 2: Songs in the key of lush 1990-2016 compiled by Mike G

Ambient pop, ambient rock, lounge, trip hop, nu jazz, downtempo soul

featured artists:
Aim, Lazybatsu, Beanfield, Pole Folder, Massive Attack, Zero 7, Sounds From The Ground, Bliss, Furns, Paul Oakenfold

mix length:
65 minutes

release date:
Compiled & mixed by Mike G at Rubycon Sound, March 2017


The Chillsong mix series features eclectic songs and song-like instrumentals in the key of lush.

The mixes spans a period of 26 years and draw on the more exotic and chilled-out veins of pop, rock, dance, soul, hip hop and lounge music.


start time/title/artist/album

00:00 - Sail (Rae & Christian remix) by Aim feat. Kate Rogers | Sail ep (Grand Central)
06:13 - Endless Road by Lazybatsu | 00.03 (Emunity Records)
11:08 - Tides (chant mix) by Beanfield feat. Bajka | Tides ep (Compost Records)
19:40 - Abrasion by Pole Folder | Sero Gold (Bedrock Records)
24:49 - Teardrop by Massive Attack feat. Liz Fraser | Mezzanine (Virgin)
30:10 - When It Falls by Zero 7 | When Itt Falls (Ultimate Dilemma)
35:23 - Look Up by Zero 7 (Ultimate Dilemma)
40:43 - Lean On Me by Sounds From The Ground feat. Colein | Natural Selection (Nutone)
46:33 - Dunia by Bliss | Quiet Letters (Music For Dreams)
52:56 - Southern Sun (Solarstone's After Hours mix) by Paul Oakenfold feat. Carla Werner | The Art Of Chill vol. 1 (Platipus)
60:05 - Fortress by Furns | Cafe Del Mar vol. 22 (CDM Music)
65:00 - end

*original cover art by overlourd9 @ DeviantArt

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