Berlin Schooled – New Ambient 2017 vol. 3 mixed by Mike G

Berlin-school, psyambient, ambient trance, ambient tech, synthpop

featured artists:
Jean Michel Jarre, Alpha Wave Movement , S1gns Of L1fe, Brog, Loom, Steve Roach,  Erik Wollo, Jim Ottaway, Solaris

mix length:
65 minutes

release date:
Compiled & mixed by Mike G at Rubycon Sound, April 2017


New Ambient 2017 is an ongoing mix series across the year, spotlighting choice tracks from recently released albums and EP's including re-releases of older titles.

Hear ambient, chillout, spacemusic, trip-hop, IDM, downtempo breaks, environmental, psyambient, neoclassical, post-rock, instrumental folk, ambient techno/trance, new age, ambient dub and more.


Melodic, cosmic, psychedelic electronica in the Berlin-school tradition. New recordings forged by both the style's original pioneers and its many modern-day children.

start time/title/artist/album/label

00:00 - Oxygene part 14 by Jean Michel Jarre | Oxygene 3 (Columbia)
05:06 - Dark Meridian by Alpha Wave Movement | Kinetic (Harmonic Resonance)
10:46 - Divine Particles by S1gns Of L1fe | Pathways To Ascension (Synphaera)
15:56 - Subdue by Brog | Subdue (
22:08 - Cloudwalk (live) by Loom | Years In Music (Viktoria Park)
26:42 - Finger On The Pulse by Steve Roach | Spiral Revelation (Projekt)
32:24 - Perpetual Motion (live) by Loom | Years In Music (Viktoria Park)
36:17 - Oxygene part 17 by Jean Michel Jarre | Oxygene 3 (Columbia)
40:34 - Rundreise by Erik Wollo | Different Spaces (Projekt)
45:50 - Skies Rain Down by Jim Ottaway | Timeless e-Motion (
50:54 - Lenticular Forms by Alpha Wave Movement | Cerulean Skies (Harmonic Resonance)
59:37 - Levitation by Solaris | Aeon V (Synphaera)
65:00 - end

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