Ambitronica 05

Dub, downtempo, ambient techno, ambient trance, psychill, lounge, progressive psy

featured artists:
Bluetech, 7th Plain, Entheogenic, Banco de Gaia, Hibernation, Vangelis & more.

mix length:
73 minutes

release date:
Compiled & mixed by Mike G at Rubycon Sound, July 2019


The Ambitronica mix series mines the atmospheric grooves of ambient dance music at every level - newbies, classics, and the genre's pre-90's roots in early synthpop, dub, prog rock, art rock, lounge and Berlin-school trance.


New tracks from Bluetech including a cut from his stonking remix album Liquid Geometries In Dub. Also music from new releases by The 7th Plain, Hibernation, Banco de Gaia, Entheogenic and Autumn of Communion, plus vintage cuts by Vangelis, Sounds From The Ground, Johannes Schmoelling and Xerxes.

*Cover art originally by Viron Erol Vert for The 7th Plain's box set Chronicles (2018, A-Ton).


start time/title/artist/album/label

00:00  Temple Steps by Sounds From The Ground | The Maze (2010, Waveform)
05:45  Melt (ambient version) by Hibernation | Ambient Reworks 01 (2019, Bandcamp)
09:03  Boundaries by The 7th Plain aka Luke Slater | Chronicles box set (2018, A-Ton)
14:30  Blade Runner end titles by Vangelis | Blade Runner O.S.T. (1982/94, EastWest)
19:04  Helix (Living Light remix) by Bluetech | Liquid Geometries In Dub (2019, Liquid Sound Design)
26:44  Me And A Gun by Xerxes feat. Tori Amos | 2004, unreleased
34:14  Goodbye PK (Kossler & Matthews remix) by Autumn Of Communion | Amalgamation (2019, Fantasy Enhancing)
41:37  Touching The Void (live at Womad 1999) by Banco de Gaia | Magical Sounds 20th Anniv. Edition (2019, Disco Gecko)
49:01  Excalibur's Radar by The 7th Plain aka Luke Slater | Chronicles box set (2018, A-Ton)
54:44  Shakyamuni by Entheogenic | Hypatia (2019, Universal Symbiosis)
1:01:48  Hyperion by Bluetech | Sci Fi Lullabies (2019, Bandcamp)
1:06:41  Icewalk (Ulrich Schnauss 2000 mix) by Johannes Schmoelling | White Out (2000 re-release, Viktoria Park)
1:13:06 - end

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