Ambitronica 02

Downtempo, ambient trance, ambient techno, synthpop, Berlin school, psychill

featured artists:
Jean-Michel Jarre, Martin Nonstatic, Tangerine Dream, Loom, Ishqmatics, Patrick O'Hearn & more.

mix length:
67 minutes

release date:
Compiled & mixed by Mike G at Rubycon Sound, March 2019


The Ambitronica mix series mines the atmospheric grooves of ambient dance music at every level - newbies, classics, and the genre's pre-90's roots in early synthpop, dub, prog rock, art rock, lounge and Berlin-school trance.


Music by by Jean-Michel Jarre, Martin Nonstatic, d'Voxx, Tangerine Dream, Loom, Ishqmatics, Patrick O'Hearn, Androcell, Atmosphere Factory, Beaumont Hannant and Corrado Saija.

Cover from original design by Arnaud Galoppe & Vincent Villuis for Martin Nonstatic's Ligand Remixes.


start time/title/artist/album/label

00:00  Opera by d'Voxx | Télégraphe (2019, DiN)
04:17  Variegation (Floating Machine remix) by Martin Nonstatic | Ligand Remixes (2018, Ultimae)
10:25  Fungus Garden (edit) by Androcell | Emotivision (2004, Celestial Dragon)
17:23  Between Two Worlds by Patrick O'Hearn | Between Two Worlds (1987, Private Music)
21:50  Latur by Beaumont Hannant | Texturology (1994, GPR)
29:08  Kites by Ishqamatics | Airbound (2018, Fantasy Enhancing)
36:11  Oxygene part 14 by Jean-Michel Jarre | Oxygene 3 (2016)
41:36  Love On A Real Train (Mike's mashup) - Atmosphere Factory vs Tangerine Dream (2018/1984)
49:19  Kalakuta by Corrado Saija | Txalaparta (2018, Lemongrass)
55:53  Final Statement/Julie's Eyes (edit) by Tangerine Dream | Miracle Mile (1989, Private Music)
1:01:46  Going West (live) by Loom | Scored (2012, Viktoria Park)
1:07:12 - end

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