Ambitronica 01

Downtempo, ambient trance, ambient techno, electro, tech trance

featured artists:
Sacred Seeds, Ishqamatics, Dan Armstrong, LSG, Beaumont Hannant, Data Rebel, Sven Kössler & Si Matthews, Citystate

mix length:
60 minutes

release date:
Compiled & mixed by Mike G at Rubycon Sound, Feb 2019


The Ambitronica mix series mines the atmospheric grooves of ambient dance music at every level - newbies, classics, and the genre's pre-90's roots in early synthpop, dub, prog rock, art rock, lounge and Berlin-school trance.


Music by LSG, Beaumont Hannant, Sacred Seeds, Ishqamatics, Dan Armstrong, Data Rebel, Sven Kössler & Si Matthews, Citystate.

Cover art: Tony Obr from A Constant State of Flow by Sven Kössler & Si Matthews


start time/title/artist/album/label

00:00  Flash of Green by Sacred Seeds | Cosmic Duality (2019, Synchronos)
06:48  Oxygen by Ishqamatics | Airbound (2018, Fantasy Enhancing)
13:43  Delta Wave by Dan Armstrong | A Long Time Coming (2019, Bandcamp)
19:23  Netherworld (Mike's mashup) by LSG | various sources 1996
27:30  Mind Colours by Beaumont Hannant | Texturology (1994, GPR)
33:02  Aquaplane by Data Rebel | Upward Falling (2018, Bandcamp)
38:56  Gezeitenwechsel by Sven Kössler & Si Matthews | A Constant State of Flow (2019, Fantasy Enhancing)
45:28  Luminous Sands Of Time by Citystate | Evolutionary Vibes 2 (1997, Creative Vibes)
49:42  Alpha Wave by Dan Armstrong | A Long Time Coming (2019, Bandcamp)
55:45  Eta Wave (edit) by Dan Armstrong | A Long Time Coming (2019, Bandcamp)
1:00:41 - end

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