Ambience Australis vol. 1-2

Neoclassical, cinematic, environmental, spacemusic, ambient techno, psyambient

featured artists:
Peter Miller, Ornament, Hesius Dome, John Elder, Amongst Myselves, Glyph, Qpod, Trancendental Anarchists, X1 Project, Deepspace and more.

mix lengths:
71 minutes, 79 minutes

release dates:
Compiled & mixed at Rubycon Sound, 2005 and 2007

Volume 1


Volume 2


Even if you're Australian, the chances are you've never many of the brilliant tracks in the two Ambience Australis mixes.

There has been some exceptional electronic and ambient talent in this country since the late 1980's, much of it unrecognised.

  • Volume 1 is a mix of mostly old-school sounds including Peter Miller, Ornament, Hesius Dome and Deepspace. Melodic, cinematic, warm, mysterious and eerie. Tracks span the years 1988-2005.
  • Volume 2 is also melodic but more ambient techno and dance-music related. Oz and New Zealand artists including Altitude, Glyph, Qpod, Transcendental Anarchists, X1 Project, Deepspace and Terra Nine. Tracks span the years 1992-2007.

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