Donate to AMG before July 31 2018 and you could win a 5-pack of Steve Roach CD's

As you may already know, Ambient Music Guide is just me. The site accepts no advertising and runs on passion alone.

So I'm running a fundraising drive during July to cover my annual costs. These costs in Australian dollars are as follows:

Website hosting & security: AU$330
Stream & podcast hosting: AU$325
Subtotal: AU$655
Minus donations already in 2018: AU$65


Between now and 31 July 2018, anyone who donates $10 Australian dollars or more will go in a random prize draw to win one 5-pack of Steve Roach CD's, very kindly provided to me by Steve for this fundraiser.

The 5 albums are:

There is also a 2nd prize: a 4-pack of CD's by environmental ambient composer Andrew Heath, kindly provided by Disco Gecko records. They are: The Silent Cartographer, Europa, Flux and Soundings.

If total donations by July 31 exceed the AU$590 target amount, I will donate the excess funds to my favourite charity, Guide Dogs Australia.

In August I will:

1) Publish a PayPal screenshot showing donations received in July (no doner name or details will be visible).
2) Publish a screenshot of my receipt for any excess amount donated to the Guide Dogs Australia.
3) Pick 2 random winners from eligible donors and post them the CDs.

How to donate

Use the PayPal donation facility at the link blow.

If you don't have an actual PayPal account, you can just use your credit card to make a PayPal donation.

Thanks a bunch for your support.

Mike G, founder of AMG


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