Thankyou! AMG's annual fundraiser in July 2018 hit its target

As you may already know, Ambient Music Guide is just me. The site accepts no advertising and runs on passion alone.

My July 2018 fundraiser covered my annual costs for website hosting & security, and streaming & podcast hosting.

AMOUNT RAISED: AU$687.35 (see Paypal screenshot)
EXCESS DONATED TO GUIDE DOGS CHARITY: AU$97.35 (see receipt screenshot)

Winners of the CD Prize pack random draw:

  • 1st Prize: Randy from River Oaks, Texas, USA - winner of the Steve Roach 5-CD pack.
  • 2nd Prize: Adam from Perth, Western Australia - winner of the Andrew Heath 4-CD pack.

Thanks a bunch for your support.

Mike G, founder of AMG

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