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Music submissions policy

Thanks for your interest in Ambient Music Guide.

I like albums and e.p's.

Singles, not so much.

Videos, forget it.

If you are an artist or label you are welcome to send me download promos or Spotify links on the understanding that:

  1. I might not respond, or play or review your music.
  2. You are granting me the right to play your music in my mixes and shows including podcasts.

For sending downloads

  • Please include full download links, not just non-downloadable streams.
  • Provide files in either a lossless format (WAV, FLAC, ALAC) or a high-bitrate lossy format (320k MP3).
  • Make sure your music is downloadable as a single ZIP or RAR package.
  • Please label and ID your files properly with meta tags, including track numbers.

For sending Spotify links

  • Include some backstory on you and/or the music and which AMG playlist you think it would suit.

Some submission tips

Read this post: AMG BLOG: How not to get a music reviewer's attention