Ambient Music Guide Podcast – Best Albums of 2017 Edition

Out now on the Ambient Music Guide Radio podcast - two epic end-of-year mixes featuring highlights from AMG's Best Albums of 2017.

Putting these annual mixes together is something I find both thrilling and terrifying.

I shortlist a few tracks from most albums in my Best Of Year list and challenge myself to try and bind all this diverse music into two coherent mixes. I work on them for as long as it takes. 

I hope you like what you hear.

Mix #1: Atmospheric Grooves


Starting with a gorgeous Si Mathews lullaby, we dive into 140 minutes of multi-coloured groove. The mix snakes it way through seductive downtempo shades of exotic breaks, lounge, dub, techno and trance including Bonobo, Irresistible Force and Carbon Based Lifeforms, before a final 30-minute serve of electronica epics featuring Sasha, L.S.G, Mystical Sun and Jean-Michel Jarre.

Mix #2: Sounding the Deep


140 minutes of bliss. This is the 2nd of my two Best Albums Of 2017 mixes and spotlights some of 2017's quietest and most awe-inspiring moments in ambient. Subtle psychedelia and beatless reveries for expanding minds by Bonobo, Ishq, bvdub, Alice Coltrane, Kevin Braheny and more.

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Ambient Music Guides's Best Albums of 2017 - 40+ ambient, downtempo and atmospheric albums reviewed.

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