REVIEW: ‘Samosi’ by Saphileaum

Samosi (Constellation Tatsu)

The latest batch of releases from California’s Constellation Tatsu is proving to be my favourite since I first heard the label about 4 years ago. Last month I told you about the organ-led minimalism of José Orozco Mora’s new album Formas Aparentes. Also in the same batch is Samosi, a rather magnificent work of tuneful, luminous, beatless ambient by Georgian composer Andro Gogibedashvili aka Saphileaum. Among seven mostly-excellent tracks, the weirdly-titled “Glorified Wiseman In Pantherskin” stands out, a devastatingly sad and beautiful harmonic progression wrapped in misty synthetic bliss. At its considerable best, me thinks comparisons between this album and the best of Micheal Stearns’ super-deep and emotional spacemusic are in order. Recommended.

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