REVIEW: ‘A Long Time Coming’ by Dan Armstrong

Dan Armstrong is a mate of Si Matthews, the gifted UK artist whose three solo albums of cosmic instrumental electronica have all made Ambient Music Guide’s Best Albums of the Year lists. Dan’s debut solo album of panoramic ambitronic beats is a stunner, orbiting the same sun as his friend but tracking its own distinctive path.

Less is more, with ideas and warm melodic lines that are not cast with thick layers of sound but sketched subtly, like spacious geometric shapes, sprinkled with little details that psychonauts like myself can’t get enough of. The grooves, when they appear, are elegant and crisp, always with purpose and never outstaying their welcome. Repeated listens reveal an album that’s slowly edging towards a climax, the closing “Eta Wave”, which expands the opening teaser “Alpha Wave” into a swelling, thunderous sweep across the cosmos.

All in all, we’re talking Global Communication levels of excellence here. Do. Not. Miss.


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