REVIEW: ‘The Outer Plateau’ by Remote Vision

The Outer Plateau (Exosphere)

While his ambient tech-trance duo Ascendant and associated label Synphaera has been taking something of a break lately, American composer and sound architect extraordinaire Don Tyler has been busy with his new solo alias Remote Vision and the “dark cinematic space” of his new sub-label Exosphere. The Outer Plateau is his third Remote Vision album and the strongest yet. It’s not really that dark next to some of the other label releases, though compared to Ascendant’s Berlin-school emanations it does have one foot in the more subdued realms environmental and drone music. One look at the fantastic cover art tells you we’re in a landscape not of this Earth, and the music is suggestive of this alien space in ways too intricate and understated to convey in simple words. Just dive in.

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