New Ambient 2016 – three new mixes

My New Ambient 2016 mix series kicks off with three very contrasting ambient and downtempo mixes.

Volume 1: Infinite Meadow

Pastoral ambience and hyperreal impressionism from recent releases by Inner Travels, Hybrid Palms, Robert Rich, Sinepearl, Jim Ottaway, Erik Wøllo, Byron Metcalf, Slow World, Miyake and Omni vu Deity (Ishq).

Volume 2: Sunshine Grooves

Downtempo beats that glow - kick back with these luscious grooves from recent albums by Cafe Del Mar, Dub Trees, Pan Electric, Future Jazz Cafe, Lemongrass, Flako and Fous De La Mar.

Volume 3: Deep Space Tech

Melodic, spaced-out strains of ambient techno, trance and tech-dub from recent albums and ep's by Prins Thomas, Aythar, One Arc Degree, Steve Roach, Robert Heel, Autumn of Communion, HiKE and Oudion13.

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