REVIEW: ‘Formas Aparentes’ by Jose Orozco Mora

Formas Aparentes (Constellation Tatsu)

Constellation Tatsu, a small record label with possibly the best name in the world, continues to transmit various strands of new age, experimental electronica and psychedelic minimalist music via its HQ in Oakland, USA. From the latest batch of releases comes Formas Aparentes by newcomer José Orozco Mora, an organ and synth-driven gem that’s full of trance-inducing melody and hypnotic repetition. He skilfully works in the spaces between retro new age, classical minimalism ala Terry Riley and spinning Berlin-school sequencer patterns. The organ sounds in particular are glorious, sure to prick up the ears of fans of masters like Riley and J D Emmanuel. Its 34 minutes passes all too quickly; but in this case, perhaps, because an album that runs half as long burns twice as bright.

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