Far Off Sounds presents Iasos: the Father of New Age Music


Short but sweet recent documentary about American new age music pioneer Iasos.

From Jacob and Nick @ Far Off Sounds:

Far Off Sounds, a webseries about obscure, unusual, and ecstatic musical experiences, presents Iasos, a mini-doc about one of the founding fathers of what is now called new age music.

When Iasos performed for British philosopher Alan Watts in the early 1970's, he declared that Iasos makes "classical music for the new age". However you describe it, there is something both haunting and serene about Iasos's music, which he receives in his head from an interdimensional being named Vista. An early pioneer of synthesizer music and computer-generated animation, Iasos has lately experienced a resurgence in popularity with the rediscovery of some of his earliest work.

We spent some time with Iasos at his home in Marin County, California, where he took us on a small hike, played the Pipes of Pan, and gave us a mountain of stories and advice.

Episode here

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