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REVIEW: Bersarin Quartett ‘Methoden und Maschinen’

It’s been four years since Germany’s Thomas Bücker released an album as Bersarin Quartett, during which he’s been performing live shows around Europe with an ensemble and further developing his beguiling sound. The new opus Methoden und Maschinen (“Methods and Machines”) doesn’t disappoint. It’s another epic melange of modern classical, post-rock and ambient synth music, […]

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Uh oh. Influencer alert!

Maybe it had to happen sooner or later. I’ve started getting approaches from marketing agencies asking me to become – I retch at even saying this word – an influencer. Translation: a sell-out. Further translation: taking money or free product in return for doing advertising disguised as personal reviews, recommendations, playlists or whatever. As I […]

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REVIEW: Bluetech’s ‘Liquid Geometries In Dub’

Although he’s best known for his punchy, quirky, dubby ambient pop instrumentals, Bluetech’s original Liquid Geometries album from 2018 was conjured in a beatless universe – all psychedelic drones, ethereal progressions and cosmic arpeggios, generally melodic and occasionally dissonant. It’s beatless foundations makes it an unusual candidate for remixing by dub and beat-driven electronica producers. […]

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