Best Albums of 2020: Steve Good ‘Nothing Is Ever Created Or Destroyed’

Nothing Is Ever Created Or Destroyed (Bandcamp)

Fans of ambient dance music might remember an early Steve Good album under his downtempo beats alias Puff Dragon, a singular exotic gem known as Sazanami (2005) which was released on the Tokyo-based Dakini Records. After a long break from releasing, Steve has recently reappeared and started releasing more subtle and beatless fare under his own name. His new album Nothing Is Ever Created Or Destroyed is in the style of his previous two – Between (2018) and Everything’s Inside Everything Else (2019) – and it’s just as mystical and beautiful. Some morphing drones, some progressions, some gentle oscillating throbs and pretty arpeggios, all languid and shimmering. This is trippy nature-inspired ambient, with some 21st century new age trimmings that give it just the right touch of mellow psychedelia. Fans of Ishq, take note.

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