Best Albums of 2020: Spirituals ‘For Those You Love part II’

For Those You Love part II (Doumen Records)

While music is just one outlet for American graphic artist, sound designer and composer Tyler Tadlock aka Spirituals, this exceptional EP/mini-album is no casual affair. Using cycling synth phrases, pensive piano figures, rich droning strings and found sounds, his instrumental music is fashioned with a remarkably deft touch. Not a single note or sound is wasted. Tonal and sombre, the album occupies a very personal space somewhere between ambient electronics and modern classical. The full title is For Those You Love Who Are Tormented Or In Pain – part 2 of a series – and it draws on his experiences with a friend’s cancer treatment specifically and the inequalities of American healthcare generally. Emotionally powerful but free of lazy sentiment, this is beautiful darkness with rays of hope.

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