Best Albums of 2020: Mick Chillage ‘Mirrors’

Mirrors (Neotantra)

The Dublin-based Mick Chillage – who is also one half of electronica duo Autumn of Communion – swings back to beatless on his solo album Mirrors, a collection of mostly harmonic electronic pieces that are finely sculptured and deeply felt, painted on a fairly minimalist canvas. The haunting “Digitalis Solaris” is like an interlude from the score to one of the more introspective Japanese sci-fi anime. His love of early ambient techno and IDM pads is evident on “Early Rise”, which echoes the quietest of Aphex Twin’s early works with its slow motion harmonies and a striking Zen-like stillness. Two other, longer pieces “Torn” and “Promise of Stars” begin in a similar style but take on more epic proportions, building and layering long arcs of organ-like synths and lush choral textures. As an introduction to the deeper side of Mick’s work, Mirrors will do very nicely, especially if paired with his landscaped masterpiece Saudade (2014).

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