Best Albums of 2019: Aerium ‘Visions of Vega’

Visions of Vega (Bandcamp)

Rotterdam-based Leander Rispens aka Aerium is known for his melodic club tracks, but recently he has also shown a gift for more subtle fare. On Visions of Vega he creates sparkling, other-worldly sounds using just a few simple elements and lots of crystal-clear space in between, a bit like Swedish duo Vibrasphere’s downtempo material minus the dubby grooves. Imagine sound as architecture: huge, futuristic structures with clean edges and spacious surrounds, full of light and colour and warmth. The sense of float is deep with this one, and the titles reveal much: “This Beach is Unknown”, “Civilisations At The End Of Time”, “Docking Maneuvers”. And just check out that trippy cover art. His other ambient release Infinite Number of Worlds (2018) is also well worth a listen.

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