Best Albums of 2019: Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikförening ‘Victory Over The Sun’

Victory Over The Sun (Semantica)

An eerie historical account of weird shit happening in the skies above Basel, Switzerland in 1566 is the inspiration for this dark and powerfully evocative blend of cinematic ambient and atmospheric techno. Dutch duo Wanderwelle were responsible for last year’s Polynesian ambient techno delight Gathering Of The Ancient Spirits, but Victory Over The Sun is a very different beast. This time they collaborate with Scandinavian duo Bandhagens Musikförening and the mood is darkly beautiful with lots of eerie synth pads, light kick drums and percussion and arcing guitar feedback. Reference points? The futurist gleam of Detroit Escalator Co, filmmaker John Carpenter’s 80’s Moog-laden synth scores, and the dystopian sci-fi electronica that underscores adult anime series like Ergo Proxy and Texhnolyze. The album brilliantly imagines the fear, awe and beauty experienced by people in the middle ages who would have witnessed atmospheric phenomena they did not understand, even if this particular story is wildly embellished and at least partly fictional. But isn’t it fun to wonder?

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