Best Albums of 2019: Sven Laux & Daniela Orvin ‘The Writings’

The Writings (Dronarivm)

From the Moscow-based Dronarivm label comes this first-time collaboration between two Berlin-based artists, an exceptional quality hybrid of modern classical and droney electronica. The Writings is very cinematic at times with piano figures set against hovering strings in a way that echoes Thomas Newman. At other times it deftly mixes tonality, abstraction and noise, like the hisses, crackles and droning cellos and organ of “Fading Lights.” The gorgeous “Same Situation Different Perspectives” is openly loving, an evolving drone of orchestral strings and synths that steadily expands and embraces you like the sunrise. “Changing Skyline” achieves the same sense of growing euphoria with its ascending chords and chugging sequenced arpeggios. Dronarivm delivers again, and its albums this year from Snufmumriko, Halftribe and Hatami, Martin & Attanasio are also well worth a listen.

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