Best Albums of 2019: Matt Lajoie ‘The Center and the Fringe’

The Center and the Fringe (Flower Room)

It’s amazing what a gifted guitarist can do with a few six-strings and a looper pedal. On The Center and The Fringe, American player Matt Lajoie takes the road less travelled by avoiding the huge washes of spaced-out reverb so beloved by many guitarists making ambient and post-rock. He instead blends largely untreated bowed, fingerstyle, plucked and strummed notes on acoustic and electric guitar and uses live-looping to create bright tapestries. His sparkling, melodic and hypnotising instrumentals sometimes echo the more meditative moments of Krautrock masters like Ashra, Popol Vuh and Neu’s Michael Rother. An outstanding release from the quasi new age label Flower Room.

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