Best Albums of 2019: Andrea Castiglioni ‘Soundtrack for the City of Tokyo’

Soundtrack for the City of Tokyo (I Low You Records)

A thoughtful and striking travelogue of the mind by Italian multi-instrumentalist Andrea Castiglioni, who writes that “I’ve never been to Tokyo, but since dreaming is free, I picture it like this.” The clear, pulsing repetitions of cuts like “Shibuya Crossing” and “Synthetic Bokeh” are a deft blend of machine techno and Glass-style melodic minimalism, full of movement yet smooth and somehow soothing. A few well-placed drone pieces buffet the faster ones perfectly. Whether the Tokyo of your imagination is the semi-realism of Lost In Translation or the dystopian sci-fi landscape of high concept anime like Akira, Castiglioni’s imaginary soundtrack seems to adapt accordingly. Another quirky original from Tokyo’s I Low You Records, whose recent Ambient Symphonies in the Cyberpunk Era is another worthy release.

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