Best Albums of 2019: Gavin Miller ‘Shimmer’

Shimmer (Sound In Silence)

I suppose it’s okay to call this fine release post-rock, insomuch as it features loopy processed guitars and drones and some organ and semi-Gothic piano, and progressions that vaguely resemble the quieter passages done by more adventurous rock bands like Pink Floyd or Sigur Ros. Whatever you call it, UK composer Gavin Miller’s haunting mini-album Shimmer is a thing of wonder. It runs just 23 minutes, its six distinct movements shifting naturally from one to the next and when it’s over you want to hit repeat again…and again. This is right up there with the layered guitar-based loops of Belgian sound sculptor Stratosphere (check out his 2016 album Rise to hear what I mean). While short, Shimmer’s clarity and purpose makes a beautiful case for the album’s preservation as a storytelling form.

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