Best Albums of 2019: Sonic Solutions Inc ‘Resurrectionem Ex Mortuis’

Resurrectionem Ex Mortuis (2019, Obey Records)

“My brother and I are around 50 and have no illusion of fame.” Right, then. No baggage, just phenomenal music. Hailing From San Diego USA and chalking up album number four, the duo of John and Will Goff aka Sonic Solutions Inc have fashioned a hypnotic, slow-burning, melodic masterpiece that marries Berlin-school layers with rolling, proggy breakbeats as tight as high tensile wire. Although this mini-album is indexed as 7 individual parts it’s really one 28-minute long piece with barely discernible segues between movements. It’s minimalism in a way, with repetitive structures that unfold over long distances not unlike Manuel Göttsching’s classic E2-E4. But whereas that one sounds positively Balearic, Resurrectionem Ex Mortuis is slower and darker-edged. This is inspired and beautiful bleep, made with a fantastic command of the Berlin school’s cosmic groove and layered arpeggios.

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