Best Albums of 2019: Bruno Sanfilippo ‘Pianette’

Pianette (ad21 Music)

Spanish electro-acoustic musician Bruno Sanfilippo’s new album Pianette is played on a piano that’s not quite a piano, and it’s utterly compelling. The slightly harpsichord-toybox-mechanical sound comes from his newly acquired Una Corda piano, built by German designer David Clavins and featuring a unique one-string-per-note design instead of the usual one to three strings. It’s obvious that Bruno immediately connected with the instrument’s haunted and delicate resonance, captured in this collection of highly evocative solo keyboard pieces inspired by the fantasy world of mechanical toys, dolls, circuses and puppets. They each unfold with elegant, rolling melodies and minimalist repetition, revelling in mystery and sadness and simple joy. This is outstanding modern classical, and another high point in this artist’s now formidable catalogue.

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