Best Albums of 2019: Johan Ageborn ‘Mossebo’

Mossebo (2008, reissue on Spotted Peccary)

Mossebo is a unique and haunting meeting of icy Scandinavian electronica and gorgeous new age-style wordless vocals, my favourite reissue this year. A new discovery, in fact, as I missed this when it came out in 2008. Johan Ageborn’s touch is delicate, his skittering beat patterns barely disturbing the surface of his ethereal synth pads, with a few exceptions such as the space pop of “Ambient Computer Dance”. Many of his chord progressions are somehow both uplifting and dark-edged; I’m always drawn to musicians who can do both at once. Then there’s guest vocalist Lisa Barra’s vocals, whose voice elevates this album several notches above just good. She features on the majority of tracks and nails them every time, whether its multi-tracked ethereal chants, freestyle vocalising or sacred choral singing where she sounds uncannily like a choirboy. There is an Indian sweetness to her voice, too, which adds yet another dimension to this beguiling work of art.

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