Best Albums of 2019: Bersarin Quartett ‘Methoden und Maschinen’

Methoden und Maschinen (Denovali)

It’s been four years since Germany’s Thomas Bücker released an album as Bersarin Quartett, during which he’s been performing live shows around Europe with an ensemble and further developing his beguiling sound. The new opus Methoden und Maschinen (“Methods and Machines”) doesn’t disappoint. It’s another epic melange of modern classical, post-rock and ambient synth music, a quietly dramatic score for a mind movie of your own devising, merging the experimental and the familiar with unusual finesse. “Vie von selbst” plays off lovely soft piano and tinkling cymbals against a grand passage of organ and distorted guitars. “Wenn wir nur wollen” feels like a eulogy with its simple arpeggiated synth melody swelling and receding back and forth beneath sad, vocal-like phrases. The album has a wide dynamic range, so either put on your headphones or crank up the volume and put out a do-not-disturb sign because – as the release blurb says – minimalism and bombast go together. This is foreground music, not background sound, and in case you forget there are a few nicely random aural shocks along the way to remind you.

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